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Learn about the steps to applying online for a job with CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group.

Recruitment process

Learn more about the steps of the recruitment process at CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group.

The steps may vary depending on which unit you’re applying to.


If you share our values and think that your talents can help our team to achieve our goals… Don’t wait! Apply for a job that aligns with your skills and career goals.
If none of the available openings matches what you’re looking for, feel free to submit an unsolicited application.


Once your completed application is received, our human resources team will carefully review it to determine whether your profile is a good fit to our needs. If your skills and experience are a match for the job requirements, you will be pre-selected.


You will be invited to a departmental interview with a manager, and possibly to an HR interview. We encourage you to prepare for your interview in advance.


You’ve successfully passed every step in our process. Now all that’s left to do is accept our offer to join the Caussade team!

Gender equity index

We publish our score on the pay equity index, which is one of the new provisions introduced by the ‘Act regarding the Freedom to Choose One’s Professional Future’ of 5 September 2018, adopted by the French government in November 2018.
This index allows companies to measure their progress in this area, and to take corrective actions if necessary. 
The 5 indicators established by the government and adopted by all companies are the following:

  • differences in pay between women and men of comparable age in a comparable position,
  • differences in individual pay rises,
  • differences in promotions between women and men,
  • pay rises when returning from maternity leave,
  • gender distribution of the ten employees with the highest salaries.

For the 2018 calendar year, CAUSSADE SEMENCES received a very positive score of 80/100 (above the target threshold of 75 points imposed by government decree).

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