Straw cereals


Winter soft wheat
Product sheet

The essential

Resistant to mosaics
High specific weight and proteins content
Good behavior against rusts and septoria

Varietal profile

Registration : 2017

Technological class : Bread wheat, A type

Alternativity : 6 Mid spring

Earliness of bolting : 4 Early

Earliness of earing : 8 Highly early

Ear type : Awned


  • Fits with a cultivation in South part of Europe.
  • Suitable for second sowing dates and late sowings.
  • FLAVOR CS, very early to bolting and to maturity waith a quick ending, is a well suitable wheat for South areas.
  • Be aware to not sow FLAVOR CS in drying soils to not affect the yield.
  • To maximize the potential, increase the sowing density of 10% against the other varieties.

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