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Winter soft wheat
Product sheet

The essential

Productive variety
Good behavior against foliage diseases
High specific weight

Varietal profile

Registration : 2017

Technological class : Bread wheat, A type

Alternativity : 5 Mid alternative

Earliness of bolting : 6 Very early

Earliness of earing : 8 Highly early

Ear type : Awned

Agronomic profile


  • Highly early to earing, MONTECRISTO CS is a variety well suitable for South Europe. It is mid alternative that allows to be sown late in autumn or beginning or winter without any bolting issues. Moreover, MONTECRISTO CS is very early to bolting so the variety is perfect for late sowings.
  • With a stable and regular profile in crop, MONTECRISTO CS has a covering look with their large leaves and numerous ears with big grains.
  • Also, MONTECRISTO CS adapts its cycle to the areas where it is cultivated. Thus, it is later at bolting with a quick end in late areas.

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