Straw cereals


Winter soft wheat
Product sheet

The essential

Very good tolerance to diseases
Good proteins content
Tolerant to eyespot

Varietal profile

Registration : 2017

Technological class : Bread wheat, B type

Alternativity : 3 Winter to mid-winter

Earliness of bolting : 3 Mid early

Earliness of earing : 6 Mid late to mid early

Ear type : Not awned

Agronomic profile


  • SOPHIE CS can fit with large choice of crop rotation and it offers a sanitary profile which is reassuring for the grower.
  • It suits with a growing in center and North Europe.
  • The high specfic weight of SOPHIE CS secures the raising.

Technological data

Specific weight (*) : 7
GPD (*) : 6
TKW : 7

(*) : Rating from 1 (bad) to 9 (good)

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