Straw cereals


Winter soft wheat
Product sheet

The essential

Resistant to mosaics
Resistant to eyespot
High proteins content

Varietal profile

Registration : 2018

Technological class : Bread wheat, A type

Alternativity : 4 Mid winter

Earliness of bolting : 1 Very late

Earliness of earing : 5 late

Ear type : Awned

Agronomic profile


  • Thanks to its resistances to mosaics, SOVERDO CS can be grown in soils contaminated by this virus. Its resistance against eyespot also permits to well behave in case of a cultivation after another wheat crop.
  • SOVERDO CS suits for a cultivation in al the North part of Europe. This variety can be sown from the first sowing dates. It has a slow restart after winter thus it is well suitable with areas with strong winters and with last frosts.

Technological data

Proteins content (*) : 8
GPD (*) : 8
Specific weight (*) : 6
Hagberg (s) : >350
Zeleny : 30
Hardness : Medium Soft
P/L : 0.9-1.5
W : 190-220
Hydratation (%) : 60
Baking volume : 1500

(*) : Rating from 1 (bad) to 9 (good)

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