Product sheet

The essential

Very productive rapeseed variety with good TKW
Good flowering
Very resistant to Phoma and Lodging

Varietal profile

Type: hybrid restaured « 0 »

Earliness: mid-early at maturity

Registration: UE 2017

Height: medium

TKW: good

Agronomic and health profile

Early vigour: good

Autumn development: good to very good

Elongation resistance: medium

Lodging tolerance: very high

Phoma tolerance: very high, double resistance

Cylindrosporiose tolerance: high


Crop recommendation:

  • Early sowing to ensure good crop establishment and thus a yield gain
  • Can be sown under cover of frost susceptible pulses
  • Harvest at the right maturity stage

Density recommendation:

  • Deep soils: 30gr/m²
  • Average soils: 35gr/m²
  • Superficial soils: 40gr/m²

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