Research at CAUSSADE SEMENCES has always relied on criteria of hardiness and robustness, factors which ensure consistent production and good resilience to biotic hazards (diseases, insects, etc.) and abiotic hazards (drought, excessive water, etc.). Naturally, CAUSSADE SEMENCES positions itself as a major player to support growers as they deal with the changes imposed by regulation (withdrawal of crop protection products), climate change (periods of drought, extreme heat, heavy rain, etc.), or society (more natural production methods and less use of inputs, biocontrol).

Today, in addition to productivity, our Research and Development service is focused on agro-solutions and sustainability.

For this innovative and technical approach, which incorporates not only a year-by-year or plot-by-plot perspective but also a more global view of operations and rotations, the multi-species know-how of CAUSSADE SEMENCES is an invaluable resource.

A leader in organic seeds, a pioneer in service plant mixes, and a provider of innovations that serve as market standards (companion plants for rapeseed, annual vineyard covers), CAUSSADE SEMENCES also offers a highly advanced range of biostimulants and biocontrol options for a wide variety of species, and has an impressive 5 CEPPs (phytosanitary product conservation certificates) to its name.

CAUSSADE SEMENCES is on the growers’ side, and ensures that every environmentally-responsible solution marketed under its brand name is profitable for producers.

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