Animal feed

Multi-species seed company with expertise in animal nutrition

CAUSSADE SEMENCES has real expertise in the field of animal nutrition, informed by its experience in the French, German and northern European markets and its close collaboration with livestock farmers. Early on, its solid understanding of livestock farmers’ needs led it to focus its fodder maize and feed research programmes on the breeding of palatable, highly digestible varieties with concentrated nutrients.

CAUSSADE SEMENCES offers a wide array of solutions to prepare balanced, high-performance and affordable feed rations for all European livestock farmers.

Extensive testing of each variety from field to trough results in precise knowledge of their agronomic and zootechnical properties in different soil and climate zones to ensure their optimal positioning within each operating system and feed ration.

Judiciously integrated into ration design, the nutritional diversity that comes with good varieties leads to improvements in:

  • feed autonomy
  • protein autonomy
  • energy autonomy
  • profitability

CAUSSADE SEMENCES takes an interest in all animal production operations, regional technical and economic issues, and environmental constraints. The topics we work on include:

  • Grain maize: which varieties to use for force-feeding fattened ducks?
  • High-moisture maize for hog farming: which varieties to use and how to use them to optimise feed rations?
  • Fodder maize: what is the optimal harvest stage for each ration type?
  • How can we increase a feed ration’s starch content?
  • How can we limit the risk of acidosis in dairy farming? …

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