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CAUSSADE SEMENCES: European leader in genetic material for maize processing

Maize meal processing, or simply maize processing, is an industrial process to process the kernel’s hard endosperm into maize meal after separating the different grain fractions (seed coat, germ, floury and hard endosperm).

Different types of meal are obtained through this process:

  • hominies, the largest kind with a diameter > 2.5 mm, used in the production of breakfast cereals and biscuits,
  • grits, with a diameter between 0.3 and 2.5 mm, used by the food industry for the production of savoury biscuits and by brewers as a malt additive,
  • refined maize meals used in snack foods, cereal bars, and baby food,

CAUSSADE SEMENCES is recognised by European industrial manufacturers as a source of maize varieties with excellent maize meal potential, and offers a complete range of maize varieties for use in the maize processing sector.

CAUSSADE SEMENCES incorporates criteria sought by the maize processing industry into its selection schemes:

  • very high kernel vitreousness: high gross meal yield and low flotation index,
  • kernels with low sensitivity to breakage: intact albumen,
  • uniform kernels: size and shape to facilitate equipment set-up,
  • tolerance to fungal diseases: fusarium ear rot and corn smut.

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