Organic farming

For over 60 years, CAUSSADE SEMENCES has been creating, producing and marketing seeds for high-quality field crops and fodder crops to meet the agricultural sector’s current and future requirements. With many years of experience in the organic sector, CAUSSADE SEMENCES is a leader in organic maize and the number one organic seed multiplier in France. We test all of our varieties at multiple sites in France to ensure their suitability for the specific conditions in each region and to select the varieties that are best suited to organic farming. This approach allows CAUSSADE SEMENCES to offer a broad multi-species range of organic seeds that combine initial vigour, hardiness, robustness, tolerance to different stresses, and yield.

Through its integrated multi-species approach, CAUSSADE SEMENCES offers growers innovative solutions to improve their production and a range of species and mixtures for use in organic farming that we continuously update and diversify to address all of their needs and constraints.

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