Very early maize S0/G0 - 190-210
Product sheet

The essential

Ultra early
Excellent yield/earliness ratio for grain and fodder
Concentrated energy

Varietal profile

Kernel type: flint-dent

Registered: France Fodder

Accumulated temperatures:
silking date: 825°- 845°
fodder (32% MS) : 1400°- 1420°
grain (35% H2O) : 1590°- 1610°

Short height
Low ear insertion

Yield components

Agronomic profile


Recommended seeding rates:

Normal conditions :
Grain : 105 000 seeds/ha
Fodder : 100 000 seeds/ha

Favourable conditions :
Grain : 110 000 seeds/ha
Fodder : 105 000 seeds/ha

Expert advice

Finally, a solution for cold regions! For late sowing or catch crops, BELAMI CS stands out as an excellent ultra-early hybrid for both fodder and grain applications. Fodder and grain yields are highly satisfactory. BELAMI CS produces fodder of very high nutritional quality, rich in starch and digestible fibre.

Vincent Billard - Development Manager

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