Early flint-dent maize G1 – 250-270
Product sheet

The essential

Very good grain yield
Good pollination in all conditions
Good agronomic profile

Varietal profile

Kernel type: flint to flint-dent

Registered: France 2018

Accumulated temperatures:
silking date: 860°- 880°
grain (35% H2O): 1670°- 1690°

Medium size
Low ear insertion

Yield components

Agronomic profile


Recommended seeding rates:

Normal conditions:
Grain: 100 000 seeds/ha

Favourable conditions:
Grain: 105 000 seeds/ha

Expert advice

CHIANTI CS has a good morphology for grain harvesting, and large round kernels appropriate for use in semolina applications. With its good yield/earliness balance and its highly satisfactory end-of-cycle health profile, CHIANTI CS offers good yields combined with good dependability.

Vincent Billard - Development Manager

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