Fodder crops

Raising fodder crops destined to serve as fodder for livestock is an essential part of high-quality agriculture.

Nearly 65% of herbivores’ diet comes from the pasture, so this resource needs to be a source of high-performance production that’s respectful of the environment and supports livestock farmers’ independence.

Fodder plants should be considered as ‘real’’ crops. Remember, grass is a crop too!

Its economic contribution will be bolstered by good pasture management. After precise determination of your farm’s needs, a few common-sense rules are in order:

  • Always use legumes in every pasture you sow,
  • Increase the period of use by combining complementary species,
  • Benefit from genetic progress by using certified seeds,
  • Put all the grass you produce to use at the most appropriate stage.

CAUSSADE SEMENCES varietal compositions are designed to produce balanced, high-quality fodder, and are assembled from the best varieties while taking their compatibility into account.

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