Medium-late linoleic sunflower
Product sheet

The essential

Downy-mildew resistant
Very good grain yield potential and good HP
Very good tolerance to disease complex

Varietal profile

Type: single hybrid

Registered: European Catalogue

Earliness Flowering: medium-late to late
Maturity: medium-late

Height: medium to tall

Capitulum growth: semi-descending

Capitulum shape: convex

Agronomic profile


Tall soil types, early sowing.

Target harvest density:

  • limiting conditions: 55 to 60,000 plants/ha
  • good conditions: 60 to 65,000 plants/ha

Expert advice

FUSHIA CL is a medium-late hybrid of medium to tall height with very low sensitivity to a diverse range of diseases, with semi-descending growth and a convex capitulum. FUSHIA CL offers productivity with a very good scpecific weight.

Olivier Nerambourg - Head of Oilseed Products

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