Early oleic sunflower
Product sheet

The essential

Excellent yield / earliness ratio
Very good plant health
Very high oleic acid content

Varietal profile

Type: single hybrid

Registered: European Catalogue

Earliness Flowering: medium-early

Maturity: early

Height: medium

Capitulum growth: descending

Capitulum shape: convex

Agronomic profile


Medium to deep or cold soils. 

Target harvest density:

  • limiting conditions: 60 to 65,000 plants/ha
  • good conditions: 65 to 70,000 plants/ha

Industrial valorization

Very good industrial valorization with an oleic acid content of 90.2%. 

Expert advice

TOSCANA CS is a variety with good yield potential, and capitula that are always regular. TOSCANA CS provides an optimal use for soils with medium to good potential.
The good early vigour of TOSCANA CS and its tolerance to major diseases ensure good growing conditions.

Olivier NERAMBOURG - Head of Oilseed Products

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